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Welcome to Edith's Dream, the UK charity for the poor in Africa.

Following on from the political unrest in Cameroon, it is now also living with an even greater time of uncertainty and challenge. We are acutely aware of the impact Covid-19 may have on the lives of these people.

(Further information on the government strategy on Covid-19)

With incredible resilience, the Grace Foundation Trust Health Centre is committed to staying open to support the people of Mbengwi and the surrounding villages. We are immensely proud of all the efforts of the staff, going above and beyond their duty of nursing care.

Besides the basic medical care, they have a limited supply of oxygen and PPE equipment. If anyone would like to consider sending a message and donation to provide further support for the Health Centre and for the wellbeing of this amazing team of staff please use the link below. Donations would be hugely appreciated.

covid protection
covid preparations

Edith being interviewed about what it's like being a care worker during Covid-19.

Edith's Dream is the UK charity for the poor in Africa. It works with a local association called the Grace Foundation Trust, based in Mbengwi, Cameroon, to support the poorer communities. The aims are: to provide a self-sustaining Health Centre through the provision of resources and finances, to provide affordable health care along with health education and to meet the basic needs of individuals, families and communities in and around Mbengwi. This includes the surrounding villages and towns in Momo division, the North West region of Cameroon, West Africa.

Our vision is to end all preventable maternal, child and adolescent deaths.

Edith Focho

Edith's Dream

Edith has a dream which God has given her, to help the poor and less privileged from the area of Cameroon where she comes from .

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What we do

Edith’s Dream together with the Grace Foundation Trust are working to provide effective and affordable health systems in Africa.

Volunteers in Cameroon

How you can help

You can donate money or health care goods and equipment. You can also fundraise or volunteer for us.

Edith's Dream
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