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"Health is wealth and knowledge is power!"


A dream born out of the heart of Africa, a vision of hope for a better world. Edith was born and raised in Cameroon.  One night she had a dream that inspired her to change the health industry in Africa. To provide 24/7 health care to the communities. The health care in Cameroon is very scarce, ineffective and unaffordable, so a lot of people will choose to go without it. Every year people die from curable diseases, and our goal is to lower the numbers. Joining alongside Grace Foundation which is the medical center in Cameroon. They work hand in hand to create an effective and affordable medical health system in the poor communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to save lives: increase health education and reduce the number of children/people dying due to diseases that can be treated.

Edith's Dream is the UK charity for the poor in Africa. It works with a local association called the Grace Foundation Trust, based in Mbengwi, Cameroon, to support the poorer communities. The aims are: to provide a self-sustaining Medical Centre through the provision of resources and finances, to provide affordable health care along with health education and to meet the basic health needs of individuals, families and communities in and around Mbengwi. This includes the surrounding villages and towns in Momo division, the North West region of Cameroon, West Africa.

Our vision is to end all preventable maternal, child and adolescent deaths.

Young Doctor
Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to give hope to the less privileged. Making a difference in the health of individuals and families living in poverty.

At the moment we currently are renting the building which is sadly falling apart. It will be our mission to build and own a hospital outright by 2022. To build and run a fully functioning hospital with the following features.

* Maternity Ward

* Surgical Suites

* Ambulances

* Laboratory

* Children's Ward

* Accident and Emergency 

* Comunity Outreach

* Education & Training Centre

Plus much more!

2022 Hospital Design

Grace foundation.jpeg

Current Medical Centre

We Need Your Support Today!

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