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Where we started

edith meeting with john penrose

Launch event with John Penrose MP

Edith's Dream was established in 2011 by Weston-Super-Mare based resident Edith Focho.

Edith Focho was born in Zang-Tabi a village in Cameroon in Africa. Growing up in Africa, Edith has had experience of what it means to live in poor communities. She trained as a registered nurse in Cameroon and moved to the UK in 2003 to continue her work here as a nurse. In 2006 her late grandmother appeared to her in a dream and told Edith not to forget the community which she had originally come from. She had a dream to help the poor and to build safe and healthy communities in the region where she was born. As her life gradually became blessed in the UK, she developed a strong vision towards fulfilling her dream and giving back to her original roots. For several years she prayed for her dream to come true. A chance introduction to Nikki Burns, who was inspired by the dream, initiated the start of them working together to build a Health Centre in her home region. Thus, the birth of Edith’s Dream UK.

Her dream to make a difference in poor communities has led her to create a non-for profit making association called The Grace Foundation Trust(GFT) in Mbengwi. Edith’s Dream works together with this locally based association to provide health education, affordable health care, shelter, food and clothing to improve the standard of living for people. 

Many people here suffer devastating conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, malaria, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and much more.There is a great lack of knowledge and understanding of these conditions. When the local people are unwell, they seek the help of witch doctors rather than genuine medical care and advice. Often minor illnesses, which are easily preventable or curable, cut people's lives short as they do not have the money or correct understanding to deal with them. As a result, many adults die, leaving their children to the care of elder siblings or grandparents. This in turn cuts education short for siblings, who are burdened with the role of early parenthood. A lack of education leads to a lack of knowledge, leading to ignorance and so continues the vicious cycle. Resources are scarce and there are very few hospitals, which are often far away. There are a number of health centres, but unfortunately, these are regularly under staffed and under equipped. As such, thousands of people die each year of illnesses that could be treated. Many of these illnesses are undiagnosed. This can be reduced through the provision of effective and affordable health and educational systems. Donations to Edith’s Dream are making a difference.

Edith's Dream
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