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Visits to Cameroon

December 2016

Inauguration of the Grace Foundation Trust

It was wonderful to see how the entire community of Mbengwi, its surrounding villages and towns, came together on the 14th of Dec 2016 to show their appreciation of the development of the Grace Foundation Trust (GFT) Health Centre, built by the people of Weston-super-Mare, through Edith’s Dream UK. This institution was inaugurated by the governor of the North West Region of Cameroon who rated it as the best in the area and advised the trustees to upgrade it to a hospital.

Grace Foundation Inauguration

The Mbengwi community and the Inauguration of the Grace Foundation Trust

February 2015

Edith visited the Health Centre and trained the staff in various areas of communication to prepare them for visiting the villages. As part of the next phase of work, the key challenge is to educate people in the villages to recognise illness and to access health care. This will greatly reduce early deaths. She met with the Chief and leaders in one village to discuss the most appropriate way to take this forward.

November 2013

Five members of the trustees with their spouses from Weston-super-Mare volunteered to visit GFT Mbengwi to witness the great work and impact Edith’s Dream is making in the community. The following projects have been achieved with a £10,000 donation made to the charity by one of our supporters.

  • First phase of the installation of a solar plant
  • Connection of the internet
  • Tiling of the floors
  • Provision of privacy curtains around all the beds in the wards
  • Equipment for the health centre.
Trustees visit 2013

Trustees visiting the Grace Foundation Trust Health Centre, together with some of the improvements.

September 2012

Preparing for the opening of the Health Centre

The Health Centre was fitted out with equipment donated from the UK and staff were recruited.

The following staff were recruited and started work in October 2012.

  • 3 Registered nurses
  • Assistant Nurse
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • House keeper
  • Night watchman
  • Health Centre Administrator
health centre preparations

Delivering equipment, setting up the Health Centre, recruiting and training staff.

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