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What We Do

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Grace Foundation Trust Health Centre

Medical Centre

Edith's Dream supports communities in Africa to make the right decisions about their health and build stronger communities for themselves.  It supports the Grace Foundation Trust (GFT) Mbengwi to achieve its vision of delivering well-being to the community.

Edith’s Dream, together with the Grace Foundation Trust, are working to provide effective and affordable health systems in Africa.



It is a unique charity that works to change the way people think and to promote self-sustainability through; 

  • Creating well-led hospitals and vocational schools.

  • Generating an income for institutions such as the GFT Health Centre, Mbengwi.

  • Supporting GFT Outreach, focused on Health education, encouraging prevention of diseases and teaching good cultural values.

  • Encouraging early consultations for diagnosis and treatment.

  • Volunteering at the Health Centre or in the community of Mbengwi.


Medical Supplies

Edith's Dream is building up a medi-bank. This is where we collect surplus medical materials from donors, such as individuals, manufacturers or companies, hospitals, surgeries, private organisations and nursing homes. The medical supplies are sent out by container ship to GFT Mbengwi. Any equipment donated for hospital use is greatly appreciated.

Example Equipment: 

  • Hospital Beds

  • Baby Incubators

  • Theatre Equipment

  • Scanners

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Office equipment
    Plus much more 

CT Scan Service

Medical Supplies

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We have a list of volunteers who help with the administration, fund raising and procurring medical supplies for Edith's Dream. If you would like to be part of this worthwhile organisation, please contact us and we will add you to our volunteer list. You will receive regular news and volunteering options. 

You could volunteer to help here in the UK or travel to Cameroon and spend a lovely time supporting the staff at GFT Mbengwi.


Professor Lecturing on Stage


Each year, we have an African Sunday and a family fun day on the first Sunday in September, where we have lots of fun whilst raising funds for the charity. 



We are available to give talks to groups of people who are interested to learn more about Edith's Dream and the work we do. We give talks to schools, organisations, hospitals, surgeries and businesses. We have adapted to the times and are now offering zoom call meetings. Contact us and book us for a seminar. 

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